Update of Company Details

This statement is to re-assure all companies and people of recent events, that you may or may not be aware of.

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Recently Chapel Studio Stained Glass Ltd. Was placed into liquidation. This was the easiest way to remove the company from Companies House. This is due to the company now emerging as a new entity.

Back in 2016, Chapel Studio Stained Glass Ltd, with Bob Holloway and Peter Campling of M. C. Lead Glaziers Ltd, have been closely collaborating over the past 10 years and it seemed a natural progression to make the two companies one, we agreed a way forward and the above company was acquired by M. C. Lead Glaziers Ltd. Since that time Bob Holloway and Peter Campling have continued working together to secure the future of Chapel Studio, which has become the trading of M. C. Lead Glaziers Ltd.

Both Bob and Peter enjoy working together and makes the future an exciting and dynamic place to work - It’s business as usual with the whole team.

Should you require any further information, we can all be contacted as usual on the details below.

Over the coming months the website will be updated to reflect the changes within the company.