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Chapel Studio has been established since 1973.  Its founders Alfred Fisher and Peter Archer brought to the Studio extensive knowledge of traditional craftsmanship acquired at the Whitefriars Studios which closed in 1980 after 300 years of continuous production.

In 1975 Robert Holloway joined the Studio, a second generation Stained Glass Craftsman also from the Whitefriars glassworks bringing to the Studio his expertise on the practical side, which was crucial to the establishment of the Studio in the early years, along side the painting and design skills of Alfred and Peter. Over the following decades the Studio grew in both size and reputation. 

In 1999 following the retirement of Alfred and Peter, Robert became Sole Owner of Chapel Studio and the Studio continued to grow with his team of skilled Artists and Craftspeople. 

For over 20 years Robert has been an Associate of the British Society of Master Glass Painters (BSMGP) and a Member of the Institute of Conservation (ICON).  The Studio became Accredited under ICON in 2000.  We are also included as a Studio in the Conservation Register.

In 2005 Chapel Studio became Chapel Studio Stained Glass Limited and we continue to be recognized as a leading authority for new designs, conservation of medieval and restoration of Victorian stained glass, as well as repair and protective work countrywide of vandalised or deteriorating windows, many of historic value. 

Chapel Studio Stained Glass Ltd will continue to maintain its standard of excellence well into the 21st century.

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